Learn Korean in 10 Days

The new visual-auditory learning method that teaches your brain to acquire Hangul letters

Learn with a unique formula

Experience the astonishing effect of automatically acquiring 25,000 Korean letters in your brain, just by learning its unique formula.

Effortless Learning

With such an original and unique method, most students learn effortlessly, regardless of their Korean level.

Recognized and Used in U.S. Public Schools

Kwonmatae's curriculum educational effectiveness was proven through research in the U.S. Department of Bilingual Education. Currently, Kwonmatae textbooks are used in public and private primary/secondary schools and universities.

A Non-Memorization Method

No more tediously memorizing phrases or vocabulary. Students will acquire Hangul's unique basic elements and rules to recognize and create letters on their own.

Master as many as 25,000 Hangul letters in your brain, through our structured and efficient visual-auditory technique

Studies show that the fastest way to acquire a language is going through a simultaneous visual-auditory learning experience. Visual-Auditory Memory is what our brain stores and retrieves from what we perceive through the visual (eyes) and the auditoria (ears).

Based on this technique, our program allows you to quickly acquire 25,000 Hangul letters through a methodical visual-auditory experience. In the past 10 years, more than 5000 subjects of research have proven our learning technique successful.

Widely recognized and extensively used as Korean course books by U.S. public schools, the program is the most prominent curriculum amongst Southern Californian communities. Learn efficiently and quickly with our program. In just 10 hours, you will read Hangul books and articles, fluently and effortlessly.

The new Hangul Table your brain recognizes to automatically acquire all letters

Based on visual memory and image learning theory, the new Hangul Table was invented to teach you to efficiently distinguish 25,000 different letters.

We do not rely on softwares

Software language programs are tedious, robotic, and less personable. We do not want to hassle your learning experience with technical difficulties. Our program is designed to engage students on a personal level, with the guidance of a real teacher. With the easy to follow auditory-visual program and its unique educational method, Kwonmatae is an effortless and fun way of learning.

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